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Create space for good
Helping you create spaces that feel appealing, natural and purposeful.

Want to upsize, downsize or right size your home?

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Keen to lessen your mess or liberate your junk-room?

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Time to refresh your work-from-home zone?

Ways we can work together.

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Master the Art of Space Efficiency

We ask a lot of our spaces: work, live, eat, play, rest, retreat. With clever use of room layout and storage solutions we can make your spaces really count.

From Messy to Marvellous

Disorganisation can be overwhelming. Breaking the job down will help. We’ll start with one small area and gradually work our way through. As order emerges from chaos, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

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Your Space, Your Way

Your preferences and priorities are paramount. To organise successfully the key is finding what works best for your specific needs and making the most of the space you have available.  With an eye for design and a fondness for function I'll help you  reimagine your space.

What people say.

"Working with Roxanne has been a privilege, and we have covered so much territory.

Roxanne's wealth of ideas to solve space, organisation and decor challenges would be hard to beat. Roxanne is very dynamic, resourceful, and an excellent problem solver, who will work wonders for your environment"




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Let’s make some space!

Hello, I'm Roxanne Walker, owner of The Space Specialist and I believe in the transformational power of getting organised.


If you feel the need for some space in your home and your life I’d love to talk with you about how I can help.


Step 1.

Call, email or complete the contact form and tell me a little bit about you and your space.

Step 2.

I’ll book you in for a 15 min introductory phone call so we can dig deeper, discuss fees & costs and decide next steps. 

0414 530 447

Thanks for the message.

I will be in contact.

Based in the Inner West, working Sydney wide.

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